Check Your Water for Arsenic

Ben and Janet McMahan

This is my son Ben, who was diagnosed with Stage 4A Gastroesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma on Nov 13, 2009.

He was told then he would not live 6 months, probably no more than 2 months. Ben lived until April of 2014.

We know if we had not changed his water, he would not have been here for the time we had him. The reason I know that God is using us to warn others about Heavy Metals in Drinking Water Causing Cancer, Arsenic being fed to Animals used for food Causing Cancer and Fluoride Causing Cancer, etc, etc, is Because the Day that Ben was diagnosed is the Day that my husband,Howard, changed from President of Ga Academy of Family Physicians to Chairman of the Board of GAFP..(2,500 Doctors in GAFP) Howard was to Preside over the Huge Black Tie Affair that night. Because of Howard's absence, Lots of Doctors became "aware" and followed Ben's progress as well as the Exposing of "The Huge Cover-up" that is making Trillions of Dollars for Big Pharma, Big Medical Corporations, Politicians & Cancer Societies!!


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